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Search engines have completely changed the way that all companies do business online. Whether your customers are on their phone or on a computer, they will rely on a search engine when they need to find businesses like yours.

So, if your website is listed somewhere on a search engine results page, is your job done?

Not at all.

Experts estimate that 92% of people click on one of the links that they find on the first page. Even if you are the top listing on page two, you are only reaching about  8% of your potential customers. If you are the number one listing on a major search engine, then a third of the people who are searching for businesses like yours will click on your link.

Since being on the first page of a major search engine is critical to the success of your online business, Elite Internet Technologies has made it one of the key parts of our marketing strategy. After years of helping our clients boost their search engine rankings, we have seen that this strategy has consistently produced immeasurable results for their businesses. We get you to the front page of major search engines by utilizing the following strategies:

  • Our web developers have the coding expertise required to build you a solid, well structured website with the correct back-end coding that will increase your rankings.
  • We will build a large amount of high-quality backlinks that connect your website to numerous reputable online sources, boosting your overall credibility.
  • Our social media team is highly knowledgeable about constructing an excellent social presence for all types of businesses. We will make sure that all of your active social media platforms are properly linked to your website and blog.
  • The distribution of engaging, informative content to your potential customers by way of articles, press releases, inclusion in respected business directories, and more. This will help establish you as a reputable brand in the eyes of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • By tracking your current rankings in real-time, we can make sure that the changes we’ve made to your website are yielding substantial improvements.

If you are not the top listing on major search engines like Google, contact our team today for a web consultation.

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